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Learn how to get the girl of your dreams, and how to accomplish your goal HONESTLY
Find out why most 'pickup' the stories and generic pick up premises are completely ineffective .Learn a much more successful way to live your life.
How to QUALIFY women so that you have an easier time going for what you want, rather than settling for any random girl who shows only moderate interest in you
David X's TWO Rules. Two Rules, Not Two Hundred
Why it is absolutely CRITICAL to stop worrying about what she is SUPPOSEDLY thinking about you
Learn HOW to make women chase YOU, instead of you chasing her !
Gain success in 'catching' the girl of your dreams instead of running away empty handed in shame

Finally learn To understand and operate from a mindset of Honesty, Trust and Respect.How to be DIRECT and get what you want from women, rather than acting like a clown by using routines
The "right" ways to handle a woman's tests. This is greatly misunderstood by most men in the community!
what is this for? HOW to distinguish yourself from other men! Stand out in the crowd Most men will never learn how easy this truly is...
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